About Reliance

Reliance Property Management was founded in 2012 by Francis Baalmann, a local lawyer at the office of Foulston Seifkin, who became intrigued with the real estate market. Born and raised on a farm in Andale, Francis was instilled with hard work and not giving up until the job was done correctly. By 2015 Reliance Property Management had gained popularity for their professionalism, integrity, and ample amount of knowledge in handling rental properties. Now the company manages over 600 local properties and helps employ over 100 people in our community. Over the last 7 years Reliance has been able to secure discounts well below market value with contractors and provide their owners exclusive property deals. They are also able to provide their property owners affordable preventative maintenance on all their properties, helping maintain the value in the owner’s investment. Through their wealth of knowledge and network of skilled contractors Reliance is excited to announce that starting in 2019 they will be offering HVAC, Plumbing, and Roofing services.